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Philadelphia's First Toastmasters

A few testimonials - or perhaps Toastimonials - from club members:

    "Dear fellow Toastmasters:
I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude toward you for all the life changing comments (received after delivering my Icebreaker speech). I have to confess that I never felt so moved in my entire 44 years in existence. Your reactions make me feel like ... "a drop of water" returned to the ocean. District 38 operates in EXCELLENCE and I have always believed...excellence... is not an option, it is a demand. I look forward to giving my next speech very soon. Thank you"
     -Sincerely, Evelt Vertil

    "I had mentioned to my boss that I was participating in speech contests and he was interested in my achievements. When I earned the ATM-B and there was an opening for a promotion I was considered for it with an outstanding referral. I can thank Toastmasters for an excellent leadership and communication program that worked well for me. My new manager was also interested in my speeches and the contests that I participated in and the progress I made. They cheered me on. I was asked many times at work for input and impromptu speaking as a result. When I applied for a new position with a different employer I mentioned that I was a Toastmaster and what accomplishments I had, and was hired for a supervisory position."
     -Joan Stewart

    "When I look back and see the progress I've made since I first joined, it is amazing. If you're an introvert you will soon become an extrovert. If you are already an extrovert you can polish your presentation and leadership skills. I have made many friends throughout our local district. Each individual member brings something special to our club. If you want to learn to think outside of the box, accept challenges and reach your potential, then attend a few of our meetings and become a member. Joining Philadelphia's First Toastmasters Club has been one of the best things in my life."
     -Glenn F. Laveson

    "Toastmasters has given me the confidence I needed to stand up before an audience without breaking out in a rash or my heart beating out of my chest. I will never give up my membership in Toastmasters. It is a true blessing."
     -Mary Barchman


Here's what others are saying about Toastmasters:

   Tom Peters - Bestselling Author - In Search of Excellence and The Pursuit of Now
   "Join Toastmasters. Oral communications skills count. Height and hair color may be in the genes, but public speaking isnít. One good answer to the public speaking problem is Toast-masters. They do a fabulous job of helping people shape up their communication skills."

   Les Brown - Author - Live Your Dreams:
   "If you want your dreams to come true you must have confidence in your-self and your abilities. A Toastmasters Club can give you that confidence. Make your dreams a reality. Join a Toastmasters Club."

   Anita Perez Ferguson - President - National Womenís Political Caucus:
   "Toastmasters gives me the opportunity to regularly organize and present speeches. The skills I have learned and improved help me make a positive impression every time I speak."

   Harvey Mackay - Bestselling Author:
   "Iíve never met anyone who didnít think Toastmasters was super valuable to their career. We gain self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness. This makes us better salespeople, better managers, better leaders..."